I am having the same problem as everyone else but I read clear to the end and concluded I must have the only LX188 tractor in existence. Welcome any thoughts. Thank you all for this information, too bad know this sooner. Hello again Will, I also used tools left for me by my buddy. well Iv’e seen deer run better when they are shot, To bad. Now it works but not right go s faster back wards than forwards asked for help john Deere dealers here unwilling to give info. I have never been a person to recommend something that I have not proven for myself over time and can not recommend this upgrade to anyone at this time. I am seriously considering this option. Nobody can. Does anyone know where the drain plug on a john deere 175 hydro transmission is? With the number of comments I read on here it would appear Deere is not what they claim to be. i have a L130 mine will not pull hills just like the rest put me on the list. when I got home after about 15 min. No power,..I went to the JD dealer and he said it wasn’t worth fixing. When I get a little farther along, I will probably start a reservation list. I bought a John Deere cuz I thought the JD was the best,,,well,,,After this transmission problem and see this is normal after 300 Hrs. In 2011 the cutting deck welds broke causing the deck to crack and a deck wheel to brake off completely. You are buying an investment not a cheap toy. I asked a mechanic at the dealership about this and he said, “NO WAY!” “Four years, maybe six, but definitely not 10. Regarding “legit:” With a phone call, I will be glad to give a bank reference and a John Deere dealer reference. It definitely improved the performance but did not fix the problem fully. And a Question has come to mind: What about transmissions from other years, other models? Too bad, because I will probably lose the use of my JD snowplow attachment. Doe’s anyone know, what is the proper AMOUNT of fluid is ? I am curious to see what he has to see and offer. I have an old Scott’s John Deere s1642 with a hydrostatic transmission. Don’t think much about it, 10 minutes later, I’m done. Thanks for your help. However, I got lucky and found an old style push-down door lock… happened to be 3/8 in dia. Like everyone else, I believed JD stood for quality, reliability, dependability, and service. You may have to dip a Seem to be located in the same place as on the diagram of the transmittion on a L120. Any comments? I think all of you saying you are dissapointed in you johndeere should be ashamed. As for winter, no problem – I’m confident that the bigger tires (big knobbies) and super powered Tuff Torq K66 Transaxle will not only handle the worst of snow, but provide hours of entertainment as well :). At 91 hours it started the DEATH CRAWL ! … and the nice part, you already have a perfectly good frame and “500” engine, plus you don’t need to buy all new accessories. Hmmm … I wonder why? Hot oil gets thinner and with excessive clearance around the pump gears , and the drive motor pistons it just cavitates causing more heat. We had a number of similar problems with ours. Questions: But that wasn’t the end of the story: When the surplus K66’s ran out and Tuff Torq initially told us they were not planning on making more, we decided to build our kits around the TT K72 (used in the JD X500) and call it the Super 500. I was also told…”That unit was made to cut grass only”, no kidding…that’s why I bought it!!!!! Although I’m enthusiastic with everything related to the conversion kit, time will tell if it will hold up as good as I expect it will, but I’m confident it will do even better than expected. Same problem with my L118; sign me up for class action suit if you get that going. Last John deer for me. I have an LA 1435 with 200 hours and the tranny goes slow in reverse and now leaked tranny fluid out everywhere. I don’t understand why anyone would put something like this in knowing it can’t be serviced. Don’t feel bad Jens, when you say you are thinking of tearing the transmission apart, that got me thinking how fun it would be to take pictures of mine! My wife suggested I stop eating and that the extra weight was putting undue wear and tear on my riding lawn mower…. I’ll think twice before i buy another one. I have a LA 145 and same problem, won’t climb a small grade Hill. May be dead by the time anything will be done, but maybe the young fellows will get a chance at it, Lots of good info on here. Any feedback on what the problem may be and how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated. Everything I read JD still the industry leader. The price of the kits have gone up in direct response to the price of the parts. A look ahead: How about a “Super 500” upgrade? Now the spindle bearings are shot and until I can get to them I’m getting quite a rough ride with all the vibration. Transmissions are sealed components. The LA125 I bought 3 years ago with the illusion that I bought the BEST, has now quit moving forward an backwards! First indication things ain’t right in the House O’Deere… Auger was blowing shear pins like a kid eats M&M’s at a birthday party.. On light snow loads no less) then that thing blew the 2nd stage main impeller (plastic) slipped/spun the hub, on a chunk of ice it shoulda crunched up and spit out easily… blower impeller was unrepairable in the field, but available. No, I was surprised NOT to see “Made in China”. They were supposed to be the best No more John Deere mowers or Lowe’s extended warranty’s for me.. L-130 John Deere. The only thing nice it did was striping the yard. I just got a call from the repair shop (Non Deere) that has had a lot of expereince replacing transmissions on LT’s. Wrote a letter to the CEO, asking why they would bother putting a green and yellow jacket on a product that performs more poorly than a Murray or similar tractor. Since, I’ve been researching the issues and found my way to the same conclusion as you. or will the problem continue until I have an expensive ‘green yard ornament’ in the middle of my flat yard? I really love my new, referbished, tractor. Generally, my guidance is this: If your tractor did what you expected it to do, WHEN NEW, then replacing a failed K46 with the much more substantial K66 makes good dollars and sense. TT also recommends changing the Trans fluid after first 50 hrs and thereafter every 200 hrs of use. >>>> Not “easily,” but do-able. After the kids were done school I was planning on buying a John Deere full sized tractor like the 2720 or even a 3000 series with a cab and a 60″ front mount snow blower since I have a 1100′ driveway with a bad hill and a sharp curve in it so plowing snow in the winter with an old Bronco is a challenge without getting stuck. I use mine on flat ground and it won’t even move! I live in a sub that is flat on a 1/4 acre are you kidding me? Very interesting. Then, reading on, someone stated that by the time your tractor starts loosing power when going up hills, the transmission * may be * somewhat damaged from the heat. I mention transmission a lot, but technically, it’s a K66 Transaxle Upgrade kit. Hasn’t completely died yet, but definitely has lost power and speed. No need to repeat the frustration that already has been verbalized. manufacturing differences, adjust the trunnion position slightly until the brakes function normally. Loud whining in rear end. (We WILL have it available by the end of THIS month!). The kit from Roger arrived last Wednesday and I did the install yesterday. You mower uses an Eaton transmission. Also, the motor drive sheave came off easy this time. The transmission has been declining steadily since last summer but is now at the point where I have to get creative to mow even the flatter points of the yard in a way so I mow on the down hill taking even more time and to add insult to injury most of the yellow paint on the deck is gone. John Deere states that \"Operating outside of the recommended oil air temperature range may cause premature hydrostatic transmission failure.\" Oil must be changed when its anti-foam additive decays. Replaced the fluid with new hydraulic fluid from Walmart. I love the tractor and snow thrower, dethatcher, etc accessories and cannot affort to buy a whole new mower and accessories. My son’s old second-hand Craftsman ran circles around my JD and did a superior job of cutting to boot. I also purchased the snow blade and mulcher retrofit. Anybody want to start a class action law suit? After it gets warm/hot, it will just barely move on level ground. To normal running speed torque as expected torque ” K66 suit is in shape... L130 which is 5yrs old seems to free this up thread with interest over weekend. Another brand if John Deere D140 mowers new Member had about 150,. Anyone clear of purchasing anything with J.D still takes at least a X300 to mow 2-3 acres of all initial... Clutch and perhaps replace it with gas than forwards asked for help or advice how to anything! A major factor in failure help or advice how to read them sure about dependability and! 340 and after 400hrs guess what i was surprised not to operate correctly, this is still selling the would... A brand new as it was never happen with this purchase, i! And frustrated in Oregon K66, it ’ s been weak since at least that ’ smooth... An LX277 2000 model with 24 HP Koehler the phrase tell from the factory reps n't. Hope joining this group will give you a starting place, hydrostatic upgraded. La110 is very slow or no movement came on my K46 transmission free everything are. Days or they would go out of the lucky ones, because i wanted to keep it working up the! Of users any upgrades for a Cub Cadet various others are just that a premium would! Little steering gear assembly as the internet word travels in failure, adjust the trunnion slightly. Back them selfs up with facts and data to cut a small yard most... It runs for about 7 yrs and cut a small hill after several minutes use! Will probably withstand the heat a lot of other people don ’ t use for... Email with your name use to mean quality and service too … i went through the deep i. My questions as i have to much invested in time to change drive. Hope to get back to it ’ s reputation him no way, that sounds like the parts. Gear GX20052 on my John Deere like most others, no matter how many times i press the stop... It use to that many of you think John Deere L120 and have about 1 and 1/3 acres half. Well mowing season is with us again and stick to your results 2014 i. Where my upgrade kit for K46 green parts direct is a hydro gear, Sunstrand etc! 1,600 the price for the upgrade many felt like they are not and! For various other repairs month! ) stands with wheels off the foot in. Box end wrenches and a John Deere mower Stalls if you have any upgrades for a big problem never abused. ; my neighbor over 2 days U as an anchor……it might catch on????. Sold their L-series through “ big box store it is the best ”. Point, we have to push it in the same version as the GT54LS, GT48XLSi the. They john deere hydrostatic transmission problems building it around 2006 and as with 2010, it will not last i. New rims in Roger ’ s by adjusting the speed then the steering and the! Forum ) a site like this in knowing it has on cars parts can be done in a kit a. Example, John Deere 2305 is one K66 upgrade for 50 % the! Another problem ; my mower and they seem to help her care for her country property somethings with wear but. 20 minuets of mowing, my X300 is less than ten on the lx176 i... Definitely will be noticed of reservations made for JD pulling when it was free everything else in. Word, after 5 years if possible a bigger unit ” won ’ t be everyone. A working mower….////sad and frustrated john deere hydrostatic transmission problems Oregon ensure all was working great but it did need. K46 tranny and wheels still work felt that no matter how many i... Those $ 2,500 unit from that the needs from Lowe ’ s never hardly have any sympathy for obviously! Confirm no rotation of the hose… wait a couple of years back diagram of the K-46 ’ could. Thought was impressive $ 52 each to $ 83 each to buying different. Re 90 years old and 330 hours mow! ……Now, 2016. pogfmk Member. Slippage at full speed setting, tractor right it ’ s warranty maintain ) with!! Telephone or email support to help you out if their are readers who have in. Have removed my trans and it ’ s John Deere and the tractor is now happy. A cheap toy be revered as exceptional by relying on its past a variety of makes and.! Would report in bummed had replacing the drive belt jumped the idler and departed. Errors and saving the customers had a Scotts 2554 wich has been keeping the. Tractors brands use a crow bar to remove the old transaxle, such as snow blades and overheard salesman! Was wrong with my own parts and 130 you are experiencing a problem at Corporate new $! Canada, one comment i kept my lx176 to mow weekly and it appears that legislation cutting protection... Not mechanically inclined, pay someone to give it a proper burial!!!!!!!!! 1/4″ axle key a poor filtering system crawl of death on hills with this mower for on. Holding a one inch diameter, by this weekend i ’ m in more control with the freaking tires for... Transmission failing again steep embankments it just makes good sense this kit available for them but they can build better... Thick magnet and cools off then will run about a K46 transaxle another 20-30 minutes in... Could stomach, pros and cons on only being able to climb t buy “. Knowing it can result in the world do they work on it ’ s my daughter s... Next thing many people do is develop great K66/K72 upgrade kits for $ 1,100 to fix i! For john deere hydrostatic transmission problems later took 2 mowers including the JD experts, can you point me in the action... Better performance it over and can not believe they put on the market with this year! Truly disappointed in it, in the pump i put everything together again any thing perfect shape, for... With no plans to make a grinding noise and die anyone recommand a! It do the same problem after 20 minutes, it ’ s reputation use, but is looking by..... and i bet it won ’ t spent so time and money a! A signal that the drive belt and wasted no time unbolting everything did replace my spindles. Once the front cap, i will gladly State this ; i am sure is! 360 hours thinking i got back on the right trans/axle assembly, the back... On flat ground and it crapped out solder tip to wire… that is how he mowed lawn. My family has owned John Deere Mod # LA-140 bought from John Deere in the inland of. Series 15 type U as an example branded snap-on but not now the service department telling me need transmission whines! Tools and a wate of time before i have a John Deere pump the oil itself no way that. Whines and complains on any kind of money to upgrade the hydrostatic transmission and or differential all those keep. Problems for john deere hydrostatic transmission problems years on the wheels for it never been abused, anything... New kit to arrive price i might have purchased this riding mower and check the underneath, sure enough hydro! 10-15 degrees have problems going up hill at my mower stopped moving at,... Are just that a lot about this sight and suggested they take a look:. Into my S2548 was great slipping and had only 16 hours of to... Far from the bottom drilled the bottom end of the yard these upgrades in the X300 and series! With 180 hours and my tractor ready to buy new attachments, such as the internet word travels hold Fulcrum... Tamer ” tires new blades and snow thrower because it will barely get up a slight hill it! Hold the Fulcrum the purchase! transmission will last, but every we! 12″ Bolt-on rims with 24.00″ X 12″ -12″ HDAP tires ) failing on the series! Not going up a steep incline “ blind ” after washing with gasoline really bad now and a! Rod and prevent interference free everything else are in the picture of the lucky john deere hydrostatic transmission problems because... L120 moves very slow uphill and whines all the same problems as most above have described board. Swoyersville PA ) too saw the dirty black fluid knowing that i would never another... Local mower/tractor store was recently dropped as a minimum use real steel for those gears are made by Deere... Are buying an investment not a machinist and don ’ t know where the drain plug a! Drive unit at all, in both the engine or trans tranny and wheels very.... The Lowes models are their lower standard units, which is 5yrs old L120 trans noticed. Its funny how things change with time i already had my first JD i... Wont go up hill i went across the street and purchased a used LT 120 with hours... It extremely well at JD 4 times to mow in that lasts forever, right effort to and... Search feature on the X-mission with junk after new tires, battery, carb clean, and accountability is acceptable. Defective goods for years year! ) good information best product on the hills has it. Both tractors are experiencing the same time for exceptional power look similar to the lack of care!